John V Willshire

Diagram is a digital product studio based in
Sydney, Australia.

We partner with individuals, startups, business and industry to create considered, elegant digital products that solve problems, drive growth and make life better for their stakeholders.

Digital experience

We come from a long history of digital excellence,
with decades of experience in business and software design,
incorporating traditional industrial design and engineering.

We are not agency

Traditional agencies are great at delivering short-term projects and one-off pieces of communication. Waterfall-style team structures work for campaign material where the brief is clear, the output is known and the repeatable process is well embedded in the organisation. 

But most agencies are not set up to develop products in an agile way or to support them long term. 

When it comes to product development, where the final output is often unknown, the client relationship needs to be tailored to the brief. It is important to create an environment that supports the long tail of the product lifecycle, from user testing and continual feedback, to support and maintenance.


Our model is purpose-built for every engagement.
We collaborate with our partners to find and establish the right team for the job across all disciplines.

We provide multiple pricing options tailored to each engagement and work with our partners to establish an open, agile working model that creates alignment in our business relationship.

Our promise to you

Our behaviour is driven by our values.

Be restless

We are inquisitive, we sweat the details,
push boundaries and work in an agile,
sprint-based model to ensure we deliver.

Speak your truth

We believe in open, honest communication and
backing our smart people so they can focus on
what they are great at.

Make things better

We are motivated by results.
We want our clients to prosper, and we believe that great design can make a better world.

Tribe first

We are a flat-structure company.
We’re like family.
We care about people and results, not egos.

Sunny side up

Making products is not brain surgery!
We try to keep a healthy sense of humour and
optimism about our work.

Oh, and we love our lego.

We look forward to working with you

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