Software Development

In our spare time, we like to make things for ourselves and
We love the Mac and love developing software for macOS and iOS.

Photo by Moritz Kindler

Image Uploader for Shopify

Image Uploader provides the fastest and easiest way to manage and batch upload all your product images to your Shopify store.
Straight from your Mac desktop.

No need to use confusing CSV files or Dropbox folders to temporarily store images.
Image Uploader connects to your Shopify store and matches SKUs based off the filename.


MidiPatch is a simple utility to patch your hardware connected to your computer without the need to open a DAW.  This is useful when you want to send midi from one device to another.

An example of this might be using your midi controller to trigger a hardware synth or sampler.

The application conveniently sits in the menu toolbar to quickly connect devices without the need to launch and configure digital audio workstations.